This area has emerged as another way to contribute and create lives with more meaning and purpose. We now feel that our personal journey and experience as remote workers and digital nomads already gave us some stories and lessons to share.

We both started working in our professional areas in companies for 10 years. Raquel is graduated and worked in Organizational Psychology (Human Resources) and nothing would tell us she would come a digital nomad. Working online was not so expectable for her, although not for Daniel, as he is a programmer.

We needed to left some things we were used to and in Raquel's case she took several years to quit her job, since it was a very nice and safe job, where she felt good and saw most of her needs fulfilled. But there was all the time something not fitting so well. She was looking for answers and what most helped her to know herself were the several national and international volunteering experiences that she did. Raquel volunteered in more than 13 organizations. You can learn more about her LinkedIn profile and learn more about us in the Our History section of this website.

These experiences with purpose are the ones that bring us more material to work on ourselves and we think they are crucial for someone who wants to change their life and doesn't want to make a mistake, but also for someone who wants to start a professional life, or who wants to choose a particular course or area to bet on and doesn't know what it's like to be a professional in that area.

What we can share with our personal experience:

  • What is it like to work online, advantages and disadvantages
  • What is it like to be a digital nomad: working online and traveling at the same time
  • What is it like to live together in 9m2 of a campervan, its advantages and challenges
  • How a travel and/or volunteer experience can help us discover our gifts, our weaknesses and experience ourselves in contexts
  • How to choose volunteer experiences, since there are several options, some more serious than others, some with more impact than others

Not forgetting that traveling is an act of consumption that must be conscious and responsible, so that we can minimize our cultural and environmental impact.

We think that the fact that we have worked in a conventional way before makes us perceive life and digital nomadism in a mature way, which we think it is interesting to share with schools and universities, as well as with other audiences of people who want to change their lives.

We are available and happy to share our experience in digital or face-to-face format. Contact us aqui

Talks we did already:

Minimalist Travelers: June 2020

As part of the Backpackers Summer Fest festival of the Viajantes Minimalistas, Raquel spoke about our experience of Living and Traveling in a Campervan. She spoke about the reason that led us to choose to live in a motorhome, what it is like to live in this minimalist way, advantages and challenges, learnings and how to choose the most suitable motorhome for each person, according to their needs. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to share our experience not only as VanLifers, but as travelers on this path that is life!

We also attach a video presentation of our Campervan: Campervan Tour.

If you are interested in watching other more inspirational videos from Raquel, follow the playlist of personal development videos on our YouTube Channel.

Espiga Bar: September 2019

We went to Espiga Bar to share our history and lifestyle and we realized that there are a lot of people interested in knowing more about these topics and Raquel reminded, since the times she gave training, how she likes to share experiences and speak in public.

Follow the photo report of Mário Brandão at the Espiga Bar Event. And see more in this blog article written by Raquel.


"Couple Life in 9 square meters of house on wheels. And we were all stuck and dreaming... It was so strong that this weekend I went to Lisbon and didn't book a night, I slept in the car to see if at once I understand how uncomfortable it is and I accelerate this dream of delivering the house and the car and just keep with her! My little house with wheels, of course!" Mário Brandão